Lets start in 2001 - my first gig at SonneMondSterne Festival, alongside such great youth heros like Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Luke Slater, Richie Hawtin and Utah Saints live! It was the fifth edition of that great event.


One year before: After years of classical music education in childhood and some years of work as an electrician Perthil decided to study musicology and sociology at Leipzig University in 2000 - and finished both successfully.


In 2006 Perthil made his return to SonneMondSterne Festival, the 10th edition, alongside such great artists like Kraftwerk, Basement Jaxx and Scissor Sisters. Until 2010 SonneMondSterne became a kind of homebase, fantastic years!


Highlights of 2011 were Summer Spirit Festival (w/ Miss Djax, Paul Brtschitsch, Justin Berkovi, ...) and Nature One Festival (w/ Paul van Dyk, Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Takkyu Ishino, Umek, ...). 10 Years of Festivals - a memorable decade!


Alongside playing gigs, Perthil was Editor & Chef-Editor of the Freshguide Magazines and Booker for well known German Acts for FreshBooking. The Berlin Edition of Freshguide ended by the start of Corona-Pandemic in 2020.


To remember the good times in these bad days, Perthil played an (for him) unusual House Music Set for MDR Sputnik Spring Break Home-Edition in 2021. A little celebration for the second decade in Business since 2001.




In 2022 my Label Traumuart has reached its 50th release, which is also the 100 release of my Made-In-Germ Labelgroup.


In 2023 my Labels Traumuart and Dreamaerd turned 10 years old, Traumuart with it's 70th release and Dreamaerd with my Album-Compilation "Trinity".



Traumuart 70





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